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Welcome to Barn 51!  Our mission is simple: to create, find and curate unique furniture and decor products for your home or workplace.  We only work with reclaimed materials from Old Europe, antique and repurposed pieces and sustainable exotic materials from Indonesia and Polynesia.  Our team scours the many corners of Europe, Africa and Asia, from flea markets to designer stores, to find the right table, chair, chandelier or mirror for your home.  

Our main warehouse is located in Long Island City, New York.  Our ateliers are in France, Belgium, Bulgaria and Indonesia.   We regularly update our inventory with exclusive one-of-a-kind statement pieces at wholesale prices. Everything we carry is hand made.  Our furniture is always created using solid wood.  Our team of designers and craftsmen also love to bring back to life antique and vintage furniture pieces, adapting them to the needs and tastes of the contemporary home.  

You can always count on us to provide you with amazing products or to custom make ones to your exact specifications. Contact us at 

Resource Furniture: Transforming, Space Saving Furniture from the past

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Barn51 Home Decor Store Reclaimed Vintage Antique Furniture

We are Barn 51

Welcome to Barn 51, your source for unique vintage reclaimed and exotic furniture and decor from around the world. Our mission is to discover and b...
Barn51 Home Decor Store Reclaimed Vintage Antique Furniture

Why we love Reclaimed Wood

We Love Reclaimed Wood because it has a unique character that cannot be imitated. At Barn 51 our goal is to source reclaimed or long forgotten wood...

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