Reclaimed Wood

We Love Reclaimed Wood. It is full of history, character, stories.  It is warm and unique.  It fits any environment and of course it is environmentally friendly. Reclaimed wood is harvested from old barns, mills, beams and floors, construction sites, any building over 50 yrs old which has stood the test of time.  Once the beams and planks are carefully disassembled, they are meticulously inspected for nails and other metal inserts (there are plenty of them), sometimes even with a metal detector.  Our team then de-nails and sorts the material into the type of tree it was produced from as well as by age.  

Once we determine a design for a table, a bench, wall decor or flooring, our designers carefully select the best pieces and work along our master carpenters to produce a unique product that best showcases the age and character of the wood, its patina and natural beauty.  It is only then when the 150 yrs old barn get’s that second chance in your home and becomes a fantastic dining table which will last another 50 years.

We like to think that we save many trees from being harvested and mass produced into particle board furniture or worse. Reclaimed wood has a unique character which cannot be reproduced or imitated.  The best part about reclaimed wood is that by buying reclaimed wood furniture you also acquire pieces with their own unique story.  All of our pieces have a story, just ask us.

At Barn 51 we also source antique furniture and turn it into completely new, unique cabinets, tables, chairs, home décor elements, useful items or even beautiful pieces of art, This process is called Upcycling and it is different from recycling.  We truly enjoy giving old wood and materials new life and purpose for everyday's home or office.

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